Frequently Asked Questions About Our Name Change
Why did GNOIEC change its name?
We currently operate two separate offices. The Greater New Orleans Industrial Educational Council is located in St. Rose, LA and the Mississippi Gulf Coast Safety Council is located in Biloxi, MS. Combining the two offices into a single entity makes sense from an operations standpoint. Also, people tend to focus on the location part of the name, not the services we provide. Our customers know our services, but most could not say what GNOIEC stands for. Our new name will directly state our business and avoid any confusion.

Why did you choose the “Gulf Coast Safety Council”?
Because we also operated under the Mississippi Gulf Coast Safety Council, the new name is a natural choice by simply dropping the state reference. The name also ties the two offices together much better, in regards to our geographic marketing area. Nearly all our customers associate themselves with the Gulf Coast as a region, even if they are not part of New Orleans or Mississippi. We are committed to expanding services within our markets to allow more workers to go home safe every day. As we plan ahead, this name broadens our marketing opportunities.

How can you consider yourselves the “Gulf Coast” safety council when there are other councils located along the Gulf Coast as well?
We discussed this at length before settling on the name because we care about our Safety Council partners across the entire Gulf Coast region. Some of the Safety Councils are more easily defined by the regions they serve; Houston and Texas City are good examples. Others have changed names to focus on provided services, such as the Industrial Safety Training Council in Baytown and Nederland, TX. We selected a name that simply combines the regional and service element into the best fit for our business.

Will you remain associated with the other safety councils through reciprocity?
Yes, our participation in the Association of Reciprocal Safety Councils will not change. This includes our ability to deliver reciprocal courses such as the Basic Orientation Plus® and other general safety courses (i.e. Elevated Work, Hazard Communication, etc.). This also includes the availability to deliver any specifically developed course at any of the participating councils.

Will you open any new council locations?
Presently, the St. Rose, LA office and Biloxi, MS office are the only locations we operate. As demand for services increases, other council locations would be considered.

Will you still offer the same services?
Yes, all current services will still be available, and industrial facilities and contractors will remain our core business. Changes in the economy, from heavy industry to other manufacturing, will require Safety Councils to consider the needs of the broader industrial markets. Our commitment is to provide workers with the training they need to work safely in support of our industries. We believe safer workers benefit all businesses, and we support the training of safe workers in a variety of manufacturing and industrial settings.

Will this action increase or decrease our costs?
Neither. Prices will not be altered because of our name change. The membership cost will remain the annual $500 fee, and all courses will remain their current respective prices. However, this does not mean that costs might not change in the future due to inflation or changes in the economy.